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Three variations of the Italian classics: San Marzano tomatoes

On the black volcanic soil of the San Marzano commune, which is at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, the first harvest of tomatoes was gathered about three hundred years ago, which had been imported to Italy as a gift from the Kingdom of Peru. Since then, the San Marzano tomatoes are a rare delicacy for Medieval Europe, known as "Red Gold" of Naples. The self-explanatory name emphasizes the crucial role that this vegetable has played in the economic development of the region.
Today, after many years of breeding in the fields kindly treated by the southern Italian sun the variety of famous San Marzano tomatoes continues to be cultivated. This fruit belongs to the most respected D.O.P status. 

Crowned with green leaves, the plum San Marzano tomatoes have an unusually dense sugary texture and a low juice content, thanks to which they keep their shape even after heat treatment. In fact, this variety of tomato was created specifically for the preservation and production of the most famous Italian pizza sauce. The incredible pronounced sweet-salty flavour and deep red colour - the traits that distinguish sauce of the highest quality.

In the commune of San Marzano, there are the fields belonging to the Novi family production. For generations, this family keeps production technology of peeled Pelati tomatoes under their family brand.
NOVI tomatoes:

  • maturate in organically clean environments in the open field;
  • are gathered by hand during the period of maximum ripeness;
  • characterized by bright red colour of the fruit and sauce and that guarantees optimum colour of the made dish;
  • it has one of the highest rates of dry matter content, which ensures maximum yield of the finished product;
  • thoroughly cleaned, which preserves the original appearance of the fruit;
  • preserved by traditional technology under the personal control of the Novi family.

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