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Contract Logistics

Our company provides a complete range of logistics services for food industry manufacturers, large-scale wholesale corporations, and networked companies who cover a very wide scheme of distribution locations, as well as trading and transportation companies.

We offer our clients all of
the following services:
1 Safekeeping storage and
warehouse processing of goods
4 Cross-docking - direct movement of
goods through the warehouse,
including overload, without
putting them into safekeeping storage
2 3 PL services 5 Fulfillment - a complete range
of logistics services
3 Short-term storage of
chilled and/or frozen foods
6 Transport and expedition of
shipments by refrigerator-
equipped vehicles.
Our logistic resource bases in Moscow and St Petersburg
offer our clients services at the highest possible quality level:
Class-A Warehouses: Modern automated
systems for warehouse
inventory management
  • Six-level storage in freezer stores (-18C) and refrigerated (from 0 to -2C) store-rooms
  • Certification meeting all requirements of the Customs Union
  • Permitted to work with veterinary-status shipments
  • Location-address storage
  • Remote staffing management - acceptance, storage, order compilation using
    data collection terminals (DCT) based on item bar-codes
Complete range of
warehousing operations
Staff with more than
three years experience
  • Mechanised and manual loading and unloading
  • Storage of shipments in lots, in groups, or by shelf-life date
  • Sorting, processing, and utilisation
  • Palleting
  • Order-picking of multi-part loads for end-users
  • Making out warehousing and waybill documentation
  • Packaging and labeling of goods
  • Inventory
  • Veterinary and sanitary controls

Staff with more than three years experience of working on contract-based
salary, calculated on the basis of level of service (correct acceptance
and storage of goods, precision and quality of order-picking)

A broad range of facilities
to ensure correct storage
of clients' goods

  • 24-hour security
  • Pass-system controlling access to the premises
  • Fire alarm and protection systems
  • 24-hour video surveillance system
  • Video-filming and archiving of all loading and unloading operations
  • Insurance for all goods on the premises

Conveniently-located warehouses with good transport
access to capital cities

Fleet of foreign-manufactured
transport vehicles
The Company Service Centre
  • Ability to provide multiple temperatures within one delivery
  • Fitted with GPS equipment
  • Fitted with control systems to guarantee optimum temperature conditions
    during the entire period of the delivery
  • Supervision of driver's time and delivery itinerary
  • Regulating all the situations and/or queries occurring during the delivery
    and hand-over of the goods to the destination
  • Investigates any dissatisfaction from clients, resolving complaints
    in the soonest possible time.

Our clients:
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