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Three variations of the Italian classics: Parma ham

Parma is noted for its special attitude to meat. Here, people learned to preserve dry pork as early as in the days of the Roman Empire and thus created the preconditions for the emergence of a whole galaxy of special dry-cured delicacies. 

As a result, even today, Prosciutto di Parma, a specialty with a thousand-year history, is widely regarded as the pinnacle of Italian meat gastronomy. 

Surprisingly, the intensity and purity of taste, encased in translucent slices of Parma ham is the result of a fine combination of only three factors: air, time and salt. Traditional briefness of the recipe is a characteristic feature of this unique product in taste.

The region of Parma in the Italian AROSA assortment is represented by Selection brand.

The Selection Parma ham:

- is made by one of the most modern enterprises in Sala Baganza certified to supply products to Japan, USA and Canada, known for the highest requirements for imported food;
- is produced by traditional technology from raw materials which have passed a rigorous selection in terms of quality;
- is held for at least 9 months in special chambers of dry ripening, thanks to which it has a rich and harmonious flavor, bright color, and tender texture;
- complies with most appropriate requirements of the Russian market in terms of price-quality relationship. 
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