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"RosCream" – vegetable-based whipping cream

We are happy to present a new product in our line – “RosCream” vegetable-based whipping cream, which is made using German water silverization technology. The thing is - "RosCream" is the only alive (pasteurized) whipping cream in Russia.

  1. In the process of whipping, the whole volume increases sixfold, as compared to initial amount;

  2. Has a snow-white colour, tender taste with a slight hint of vanilla, and sweet creamy aroma;

  3. It leaves no aftertaste, and makes it perfect to full up the taste of other ingredients used;

  4. Whipped “RosCream” has a lush, elastic and dense texture;

  5. It does not crack, cave in or dry up during decorating or depositing;

  6. Matches perfectly with fonds

  7. Fully incorporates colourants, conveying the desired color palette

  8. It is resistant to freezing, preserving initial shape after defrosting;

  9. It is cost effective: easily takes up virtually any liquid fillers, including sugar syrups, condensed milk, yoghurts, water - up to 50 weight percent of initial volume.


“RosCream” appears in 2 formulations:

  1. “Classic” – with 26% fat content

  2. “Bravo” – with 20% fat content

Ideally suited for:

  • Layers of cakes and pastries

  • Decoration of cakes, pastries, desserts, ice cream

  • Filling of eclairs, profiteroles, donuts, wafer sticks


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