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Arosa won an award in the "Most effective project" nomination for inventing a comprehensive business process management system.
On the black volcanic soil of the San Marzano commune, which is at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, the first harvest of tomatoes was gathered about three hundred years ago
Parma is noted for its special attitude to meat. Here, people learned to preserve dry pork as early as in the days of the Roman Empire and thus created the preconditions for the emergence of a whole galaxy of special dry-cured delicacies.
At the very end of the Italian "Heel", surrounded by cultivated fields and cliff benches overhanging the sea, there is one of the key areas of the olive oil production in Italy - the Bari region.
On 17 March a series of the gastronomic presentations, which our company holds for clients of “Big Sochi”, started.
We are pleased to inform you that we have opened our third branch in Sochi
We are happy to present a new product in our line – “RosCream” vegetable-based whipping cream, which is made using German water silverization technology. The thing is - "RosCream" is the only alive (pasteurized) whipping cream in Russia.
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We are glad to imform you of our corporate wed site launch. 

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