For clients

  • Wide assortment

    ▸  More than 4 500 items are always in stock, including exclusive products and brands
    ▸ We offer high-demanded food groups for HoReCa, Retail and wholesale customers
    ▸  We provide complete product range for state and municipal customers

    Wide assortment
  • Fair prices

    ▸  We establish partnerships with global food manufacturers to obtain the optimal cost of goods
    ▸  We set up business processes to reduce the financial burden on the final price of the product
    ▸  We offer our clients personal terms of cooperation

    Fair prices
  • Quality control

    ▸  We carry out inspection of food production factories
    ▸  We control compliance with specifications at the stage of shipment and delivery conditions at the stage of transportation
    ▸  We examine each batch of goods upon arrival at the warehouse and carry out commodity control before shipment to the client

    Quality control
  • Professional storage and delivery

    ▸  We complete orders using an automatic warehouse management system, which brings to minimum errors during assembly and shipment
    ▸  We deliver the goods with our own multi-temperature cars, following the optimal temperature conditions during shipment

    Professional storage and delivery
  • Focus on customer service

    ▸  We offer high level customer service
    ▸  A personal manager for each client is an optimal solution to any issue
    ▸  We serve clients 24/7 in the Client's Personal Account
    ▸  Online tracking of the order and delivery to the destination point.

    Focus on customer service
  • Technological support

    ▸  We share our knowledge at master classes, help with designing dishes and writing menus, develop individual technical and technological maps (TTK)
    ▸  We match product specifications to the client's requirements
    ▸  We present new products and ingredients, offer decoration options and cooking techniques online and offline

    Technological support
  • Wide assortment
  • Fair prices
  • Quality control
  • Professional storage and delivery
  • Focus on customer service
  • Technological support
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